The Hello Kitty Nail Designs

stepadmin July 14, 2016
pictures of hello kitty nails


Nail designs are very diverse; you probably know the patterned nail designs. A lot of motives on the nail design, one of which we will discuss this time is the hello kitty nail designs.

Hello Kitty is a cute cartoon images, and very well liked among. With hello kitty nail designs will add to the impression of a bright and cheerful on your nails, so that will add to your good mood.

Usually before giving such motives, we must adjust the base color that fits with the motif hello kitty, you give the base color on your nail color like white or pink, you can also give a light blue base color.

But most often selected is the color pink, because it looks more girly. You can also apply the two colors at once on your nails, such as white and pink.

Of course the color harmony will determine the end result. Once the member base color, you can add pictures hello kitty, could predictably painted or sticker.

Hello kitty nail designs usually take a little longer nails. If you have short nails, you can work around this by using acrylic nails.

In addition, you can also use nail art stickers. Because nail art sticker has a small size, making it easy to apply on a rather short nails.

Do not forget to give a top coat if all the steps have been done. Top coat nail polish works so you look more polished and presentable.

Once everything is complete hello kitty nail designs you will look beautiful and attract attention.

Good luck!


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