The Cause and How to Cope Yellow Nails

stepadmin July 23, 2016
yellow under nails


Nails are colored and oddly shaped can be one indicator of a serious illness. There are also some things that can cause yellow nails:

1. Fungus that grows under the nails will change the color of your nails.

2. In addition to causing serious health problems, smoking also makes nails yellow.

3. Nail polish that you always use.

Here’s how to cope with the yellow nails. Check with your nails on the doctor. Maybe your nail is fungus infection. If so, use the treatments and drugs suggested doctor. If not, you can perform these steps to restore the color of your nails. First, soak hands in a small bowl of warm water and soap for 10-15 minutes.

This will loosen the dirt on the nails and easier to clean. Use a nail brush with soft bristles to clean. Prepare another bowl containing a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda. Rub on the nail, will help whiten nails. Use moisturizer for hands and nails can make nails dry lemon. You can also use a cotton ball dipped in lemon essential oil to nails and cuticles.

This will help lighten the color of your nails without making it dry. Always use a nail polish with good quality for your nails. Avoid using bright red nail polish and black. Using a dark colored nail polish too often will make the stain more difficult to nail missing. Try not to use nail polish in a certain period of time to give your nails time to breathe and relax.

That is the cause and how to cope with the yellow nails. Immediately leave the things that can make your nails turn yellow, or do the steps above to keep your nails healthy glow.


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