Advice and Tips to Stop Nail Biting

stepadminJuly 4, 2016
the nail spa
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  Stop nail biting Stop Nail Biting, Despite being a problem that could well be considered as minimal in relation to disease, the mere fact of seeing a person biting their nails done that we are facing a nasty hobby to the rest. Likewise, you may also consider as a fact unsuitable for personal aesthetics, […]

Why do I have Voids Nails?

stepadminJuly 3, 2016
simple nail art
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  Voids nails Voids Nails – In severe cases you may be suffering from nail psoriasis (also known as nail psoriasis), which shows a little formal growth of nails, giving way to the presence of these holes. The nail psoriasis is further characterized by fragility and unnatural colonization, why do you need to see a […]

More forts and hard nails: Tips and Tricks

stepadminJuly 2, 2016
what to eat for strong nails
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  Hard nails For this occasion we will give out a few basic tips to have a nail much stronger, which translates into hard nails colorful and healthy. To begin, good food is fundamental; remember to keep your diet a healthy dose of protein and calcium as well as vitamin E. It is also often […]