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stepadmin August 28, 2016
pictures of nails designs

Nails Design of Manicure Gels

Nails Design of Manicure Gels is a great alternative for fashionistas seeking treatments lasting and colorful nails. Unlike traditional nail polish, a nail polish and gel nail enhancements using cutting edge technology to create lasting nail designs. There are several types of gel manicure that vary in intensity and strength.

This nails design is an art that is best left to a professional who is trained, although teams are available online, the gel manicure requires expensive equipment and a precise application. Though a lot of flexible and tough than ancient acrylic nails, gel nails could be applied in an identical manner. The actual nail grows and special adhesive is applied. The actual adhesive is cured for 1 or 2 minutes and nails skinny and light-weight gel is pressed.

The gels nails design are stronger than acrylic, and no cracks will yellow or as easily. Gel nails design come in a wide range of colors, but each time a customer want to change your nail polish must be removed by a professional manicurist to avoid damage.

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