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Nail polishes can be the sticky thing.  There is nothing worse than taking out the favorite shade for the afternoon manicure just to get the bottle lid stuck and the consistency goopy polish.  It is worse when the color begins chipping off only some hours after we finish the manicure. This is a common thing that happens to many women when they use the wrong materials and apply with the wrong ways.

The nail polish must be done by the right way to make its color stays cool and beautiful. So our nails will stay amazing for next hours. A lot of removers have the acetone that can damage the formula of the polish lacquer and ruin it. The nail polishes thinner is made to restore the thickened polish back to the original consistency. We should take two to three drops and roll the bottle between the hands.

The polish will be seem the new. When apply a new polish, it looks so beautiful and fresh. After some hours, it looks pale and uninteresting. To make it gets the same look as the first time it is made we can use nail polishes thinner. We do not need to remake it.