Easy Nail Art Tutorials of Our Own

stepadminOctober 8, 2016
22 images
A well groomed easy nail art tutorial not just improves the beauty but reject the impression about the personality too. To ditch the age old single color nail polish, women make a drawing towards the intricate nail art design. The nail art is nothing but the artistic painting of design and picture that is made […]

How to Apply Beautiful Nail Polishes

stepadminOctober 4, 2016
how to apply shellac nail polish
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A lot of women are all too familiar with how to apply nail polish for the professional manicure that is out of date. For two or if we are lucky, three glorious days we become like the woman with the life together. The smooth coat of nail paint on the tip of the finger creates […]

Easy Nail Art Pen Ideas

stepadminOctober 2, 2016
pictures of nail art designs
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The holiday may be over, but it does not say that we have to leave the fun easy nail art idea out the window. Several of the glam glitter nail art ideas are not good only on certain season. In fact, there is a ton of wintry look that can complement the creative craving without […]

Making Toenail Arts

stepadminSeptember 30, 2016
art nails
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Over the years, we are faced with the whole array of mind boggling manicure masterpiece from the feathered fingertip to how to make the toenail art looks even snazzier. Sometimes though, we do not remember that not everybody is well known in the way of the polish Picasso. Well nail art lovers, we found the […]